Putting the pro in protection.

Video Doorbell Pro 2 is our best-in-class doorbell for ultimate performance and protection. See and hear like never before with boosted HD+ video and crisp audio quality. Pinpoint movement with 3D Motion Detection. And with Alexa Greetings, Alexa can speak to visitors and accept deliveries when you can’t get to the door. It’s the first doorbell to run your front door.

Radar-powered precision. That’s Pro.

Ring Pro-tier Doorbells help protect your property with 3D Motion Detection—allowing you to pinpoint movements with radar-powered precision for unmatched security coverage.

Bird’s Eye Zones
Bird’s Eye View
3D Motion Detection



Bird Eye Zone

Visitors or packages, see what matters.

See more of who stops by and check in on package deliveries down low with Head-to-Toe HD+ Video in 1536p. Then, get notifications when a package is detected within the specified zone with new Package Alerts, an exclusive Ring Protect subscription feature.

Video Doorbell Pro 2 Wired doorbell camera

Let Alexa get the door.

Can’t get the door? We’ve got you covered. With built-in Alexa Greetings, an exclusive Ring Protect subscription feature, Pro 2 automatically greets anyone who stops by, lets delivery drivers know where to leave your packages, and records detailed video messages, all on its own.

Video Doorbell Pro 2 Wired doorbell camera

Elevated style, DIY installation.

Video Doorbell Pro 2 wired doorbell camera

Turn off power at the breaker and connect the included Pro Power Kit to your doorbell’s chime inside.

Video Doorbell Pro 2 wired doorbell camera

Outside, disconnect your existing doorbell button. Connect doorbell wires to the back of Video Doorbell Pro 2.

Video Doorbell Wired

Secure your Ring doorbell to your home, attach your faceplate, and turn power on at the breaker. Use the Ring App to continue setup.


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